Saudi Arabia highlighted 4 banned items for Umrah pilgrims

Banned Items for Umrah Pilgrims

Banned Items for Umrah Pilgrims in 2024:

A new announcement (4 banned items for Umrah pilgrims) comes from the Saudi Ministry. Since the issuance of this announcement, Muslims should not make them part of their bag packing. It is illegal for them to enter Mecca with these four items (fireworks, lasers, fake currencies, and unregistered medicines), especially for those who intend to come to the Kingdom for Umrah. If anyone is caught trying to travel with these prohibited things, he may face some penalties, and he cannot claim the return of these from the authorities.

According to coming updates from the Ministry, being a Guest of God, you should ensure you have none of these substances before arriving at any entry point in the Kingdom. The Ministry gave this statement to address the pilgrims and list the banned items.

Why did Saudi Arabia ban these items for Umrah pilgrims?

The Saudi government alerted Umrah pilgrims about fireworks, lasers, fake currencies, and non-registered medicines. According to the Saudi Ministry, this limitation is essential for saving the country economically, environmentally, and in many other ways.

Let’s delve into the details of these banned items in the following table:

Is the announcement of banned items for Umrah pilgrims valid for Ramadan or after?

This “4 banned items for Umrah pilgrims” announcement comes when a huge mob of Muslims perform Umrah rituals at Masjid al-Haram compared to other times. This specific period is Ramadan 2024 when millions of Muslims travel to Mecca to complete their religious duties during this blessed month. According to some authentic resources, during Ramadan, over 13.5 million Umrah pilgrims travel to Mecca to accomplish their religious obligations due to this amazing fact. During Ramadan 2024, approximately 8 million Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the minor pilgrimage during the first half of the month.

The Saudi authorities restricted pilgrims from repeating Umrah more than once during the fasting month due to the influx of pilgrims. This means no permit is issued for repeat Umrah in Ramadan 2024. This initiative reduces congestion at the two Holy Mosques in Islam and allows all pilgrims to complete their religious duties efficiently.

Although the announcement of banned items for Umrah pilgrims comes during Ramadan, it is not confirmed that this announcement is only valid for this month or others.

Jeddah and Medina airports released a list of 16 banned items:

Both airports (King Abdulaziz International and Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International) released a list of 16 items for arrival passengers, but they can’t enter Saudi Arabia with these items. Pilgrims should be cautious about bringing these when they travel to Saudi Arabia.

Let’s look at these restricted items in the following list:

    • Knives and Scissors
    • Toxic Liquids
    • Baseball Bats
    • Compressed Gases
    • Electric Skateboards
    • Crackers
    • Firearms
    • Magnetic Materials
    • Radioactive or Corrosive Materials
    • Meat Cleavers and Blades
    • Organic Peroxides
    • Electric Shock Devices
    • Liquid Oxygen Devices
    • Lighters & Matches
    • Infectious Biological Materials
    • Flammable Liquids

    If airport officials find any person with these prohibited items, they will immediately confiscate them. No one of the seized items will be returned. To make the Umrah Trip stress-free, travellers should consult their respective airlines or travel agents to determine whether new updates are applicable there or will happen.

    Experts have revealed that “Saudi Arabia highlights 4 banned items for Umrah pilgrims” announcements will continue for a long time.

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