Can You Do Umrah On Business Visa?

Do Umrah on Business visa

All of us know that Umrah is not the name of visit any pleasurable place like a trip to any hill station. It is a pilgrimage, which means to visit the Holy site or places and who participate in it is called pilgrim.

While Umrah is a Holy journey in which pilgrims travel to the Kaaba, Masjid al Alharam. There is some misconception in the mind of people that Umrah is done in two holy cities, whereas it is only done in Makkah, not in Madinah.

 What is the purpose of a Business Visa?

Business Visas are issued such persons who can be the investors, businessmen, sales managers, sales representatives, managers, etc. 

Can you do Umrah on a business visa? 

No, you cannot do Umrah on a business visa because the Umrah journey is directly related to your soul. It expiates the sins from your soul, which were committed in the past. All this will happen with pure intention. Without it, pilgrimage may be completed physically, but it is not spiritually.

Therefore, you must complete it both physically and spiritually. Umrah is not a Business tour and trip. Instead, you can say it is a sacred tour. 

Saudi Arabia is listed in developed countries, and now it has become a high-income country for any person. Oil production is the main business of this country. Now the Saudi Government provides many facilities to business holders. Its name is included in rich countries. The economy of this country is one of the top 20 economies in the world (G20).

Often people think that they can do Umrah on a business trip. Before some centuries, it was permitted for every Muslim to perform Umrah during the trading and business activities.

But in the modern era, there has been a law against doing Umrah on business visas. The Saudi Government is known in the world with its own strict rules and regulations. 

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia from the UK on a business visa, then you should not break any law. Legally it is not allowed for you to do Umrah on a business visa. If you are caught to perform it on a business visa there, then you have to pay some fine, or may you go to jail for some time.

This visa restriction is not only for the United Kingdom; instead, it is also for UAE. If any wants to perform Umrah from UAE, then he/she will require Umrah Visa or tourist visa, not a business visa.

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Visitors should follow and respect the Kingdom’s Islamic laws and regulations because we are good citizens, not violators.

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