Can You Wash Ihram With Washing Powder?

Can you wash Ihram with washing powder

It sounds weird to listen about a person performing Hajj or Umrah with a gray Ihram. We see hundreds or even thousands of pilgrims who perform Hajj or Umrah only with a single ihram. The most humiliating point is that grey is not the original color of ihram, but it appears due to its dirtiness. But here the point is that is one ihram enough, or can we wash ihram with washing powder during Hajj or Umrah?


Ihram is not about wearing specific clothes, but it is a sacred state in which one should enter to perform Hajj or Umrah. Men wear two white cotton sheets, and women remain in their usual clothes, and both assume the state of ihram by making niyyah (intention). One can undertake the state of ihram, but he/she must follow the conditions of ihram.


There are very few things you need to do before entering the state of ihram. Men would cut their nails, trim their beards and hair, clean their armpits and private parts. Finally, take a bath for purification (Ghusl) and make an intention of ihram.

One can make intention for ihram by saying these words in pure Arabic tone.

لَبّیْکَاللّهُمَّ لَبَّیْکَ، لَبَّیْکَ لا شَریکَ لَکَ لَبَّیْکَ، اِنَّالْحَمْدَ و النِّعْمَةَ لَکَ وَ الْمـُلْکَ، لا شَریکَ لَکَ

Allah! I adhere to (and comply) you, again I adhere to you, and once again I obey you, there is no associate for you, I agree to you, exclusively you merit all recognition and effortlessness and power are elite to you, there is no accomplice for you!


There is a list of things one can’t do while in the state of ihram. Here are almost twenty-five things that become banned.

  1. Reciting nikah
  2. Wearing stitched garments by men
  3. Apply perfume
  4. Sexual association between husband and wife
  5. Kissing a lady (wife)
  6. Hunting
  7. Looking into the mirror
  8. Killing insects
  9. Fighting
  10. Wearing antimony (Surma) in eyes
  11. Anger (Fusouq)
  12. Killing insects
  13. Beautifying oneself
  14. Expelling hair from the body
  15. For men, covering the head
  16. For ladies, veiling of the face and covering hands
  17. Protecting in the shaded
  18. Applying oil
  19. Covering feet with shoes
  20. Removing nails
  21. Bleeding one’s body
Washing ihram with washing powders

In-state of ihram, you can’t smell, apply, or wear any perfumes. You can’t even wear any clothes that contain remains of fragrances. All these conditions are applied to all scents like musk, amber, saffron, and others except one and only ‘Khalooq-ul-Ka’ba‘ that is used on the Holy Kaaba.

Yes, you can wash your ihram with washing powder as it is a material used to clean the clothes, not a perfume. You can also take your ihram off when you go to sleep. Just a little common sense is required to distinguish between perfume and detergent. Let, if you have a meeting with your friend or anyone else. What will you apply to your clothes detergent or perfume? Definitely perfume.

So next time when you go to perform Umrah/Hajj, you are advised to keep 2 sets of ihram. If not so, then don’t be shy in washing ihram with detergents instead of performing rituals with a grey one.

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