Can You Wear Shoes During Umrah?

Shoes for Umrah

Umrah is a transformative journey that expiates the sins and purifies the souls of humanity. According to Muslims, it is a spiritual journey which is started from a selected Meqat’s place and ended at the Great Holy Mosque- Masjid al-Haram.

People must have the intention and proper knowledge to perform it because, without a purpose or intention, the journey can become just a hollow pass time. Umrah consists of 4 steps that are offered in the state of Ihram. Ihram is a simple dress whose wearing rules are the same, but the shape is different for both genders (male & female).

Ihram rules for men and women are obvious, but there is a confusing question in mind of both that is it permissible to wear shoes during Umrah. Yes! It is permissible for everyone to cover his/her foot with shoes, but which types of shoes are best at this holy instant.

Allah says that Islam provides a complete code of life to each person.

Here, we will try to cover asked the above question with a Hadith.

Abdullah ibn Omar (RA.) reported that a man asked:

O Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him), what garments can the pilgrim in Ihram wear”? The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “He should not wear chemises, head covering, pants, burnooses, or khufoof, except for one who cannot find sandals, in which case he may wear khufoof, but he should cut them so that they come lower than the ankles.”

(Al-Bukhaari-1543, Muslims-1177)

Khufoof is the leather slippers, and it is the analogy to similar footwear that also covers the entire foot and ankle.

Another Hadith about footwear in the state of Ihram is narrated that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated: “Let one of you enter Ihram wearing an izzar (lower garment), rida (upper garment), and sandals.”

(Musnad Ahmad-8/500)

According to the above-defined two Hadiths, it is cleared that there is no restriction to wear sandals, shoes, and flip-flops except for the khufoof. Ihram is an essential dress for performing Hajj and Umrah. Otherwise, Hajj and Umrah are not acceptable before Allah. 

Can you perform Umrah with shoes?

Some pilgrims can think shoes are allowed during the Hajj ceremony while Umrah is done in al-Haram Mosque. Therefore entering the Mosque and performing two significant rituals, Tawaf and Sa’i with shoes are not permissible.

According to scholars, it is permissible to do Tawaf and Sa’i if shoes are clean. Sometimes offering pray with wearing shoes is the Sunnah. Tawaf ritual is only done around the Kaaba, which is situated in Masjid Al-Haram. Sa’i ritual is done between two hills (Safa and Marwah) while both mounts are also located in this Mosque.

It is not the right suggestion to do Tawaf after wearing any shoes and sandals if you are careless to avoid impurities. There is no mention anywhere in Islam that shoes are banned in the area of Mosque.

Our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) stated: “When one of you comes to the mosque if he sees some dirt on his shoes, let him wipe them and pray in them.”

(Sunan Abu Dawood-555)

Slip-on shoes are the best footwear than other types because wearing and taking off it ease. You can also select sandals, flip-flops, etc. but Khufoof is not permissible. Wearing of shoes during the Umrah does not mean that people are not giving importance to the holiness of Allah’s house.

Respect is exemplified not only inside the Mosque but outside. When one does well to others and practice the teachings of the Lord by being kind to fellowmen – that is the accurate measure of holiness.

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