Why should we go for the Easter holidays to perform Umrah?

Easter holidays to perform Umrah

Easter is a very significant event for Christians after the Christmas celebration. According to stats of 2010, the whole European population consists of 72% of Christian religious followers. But this particular figure is starting to shift in the population of Muslims. But Christians are huge in numbers in Europe than Muslims yet. This is the reason that the European continent is known as the Christian continental piece of the world. Alhamdulillah! Most Muslims want to spend their Easter holidays in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

Most European Muslims always try to find any moment of life when they can perform Umrah. Christians celebrate two religious festivals (Christmas and Easter) with great fanfare as Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha in Europe.

According to one report from a travel agency, Most Muslims try to perform Umrah on both festivals Christmas and Easter after Ramadan. Christmas festival comes in winter, and Easter comes in spring. Winter has a low temperature and spring has a moderate temperature. But we can’t same experience in Saudi Arabia because this country has a desert climate. So here you can know about this topic “Why should we go for the Easter holidays to perform Umrah?”

Why should we go for the Easter holidays to perform Umrah?

If you get a chance to perform Umrah in your life, you will not miss it during the Easter holidays of 2024.

Easter always comes between March and April. Now Easter event 2024 starts on Friday 29th Mar and ends on Monday 01 April. And it’s a lucky time for each Muslim because Ramadan is coming in 2024 on 10 March. So, Muslims can easily earn large rewards during the Easter holidays. People don’t upset about choosing Ramadan Umrah Package 2024 vs Easter Holidays Umrah Package 2024. therefore select any suitable package.

A brief introduction about Umrah:

If you’re going to Umrah for the first time then you have to know about Umrah. Umrah is the name of the journey to Makkah, which can be performed at any time of the year except for 5 days of Hajj. This opportunity to perform Umrah at any time is only for countries that are GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) or Saudi residents.

This does not mean that your Umrah will be completed after reaching Makkah, while the real meaning of Umrah is to perform four important rituals according to Islam. Therefore, Umrah is directly related to your intention.

Without it, you are only visiting these places even if you are in 2 of the world’s greatest mosques (Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi). You should do this when you have prepared yourself properly with the right intentions. This is possible only when you can do it physically, mentally and financially.

Note: To know about the method of Umrah click on “How to perform Umrah”.

Why does the timing of the Easter date change every year?

Most of us think that Easter is a Christian festival like Christmas. Therefore, this festival will come according to the Gregorian calendar but isn’t correct. Every year the date of Easter changes due to the Jewish calendar.

According to the Bible, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ took place after the Jewish Passover. So the followers wanted it to be celebrated, such as what happened at that time. A year has 365 days in the Gregorian calendar and 354 days in the lunar calendar. As a result, the date of Easter varies from year to year.

In Saudi Arabia, Easter is also a time of year when the sunny days return, and the intensity of temperatures is low in March & April (days are longer). It would be better for you to head to Saudi Arabia than spend the Easter holidays in the United Kingdom and Europe. Therefore, performing Easter Umrah is the best time for UK inhabitants to spend sunny holidays.

Another reason to do Umrah during the Easter Festival is the low-budget Umrah package for you. Generally, both Ramadan and December are considered the two peak seasons of Umrah. During Ramadan, the prices of Saudi hotels and flights to Saudi Arabia touch the sky. But during the Easter Festival 2024, you can get the Easter Umrah package 2024 at cheaper rates.

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