1. How do I confirm my booking?

The confirmation of Umrah Package for your booking will be sent to your email: as soon you will enter the detail about your credit and debit card (as required ) after that you will press submit button; the email you are going to receive includes the details about your package. Labbaik Hajj Umrah requests the customer to save the order number to ease of identification.

2. How can I book an e-ticket?

As soon the customer is done with the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you, e-tickets will be attached to that email. You can take the print for that ticket, that copy of print is a valid ticket.

3. How to cancel a booked flight?

customer can go for cancellation within 72 hrs of its payment. You can make cancellation through email or by simply calling us on the phone number.

4. When and how do I expect to receive my ticket(s)?

Tickets are sent via courier services. In the UK, our customers are more likely to receive tickets via Registered Mail. For these services, a signatory must be present or else, the ticket will have to be picked up from a certain location which will be told if a signatory is not found. Keeping ID card along will be important in this case. All throughout the world, UPS is commonly used for ticket delivery while for Heathrow and Gatwick airports, Personal Collection is used. Tickets can be received within 7 days of booking but if the margin of 7 days is not available, the ticket will be sent within 24 hours on urgent basis.

5. What is baggage allowance?

The baggage’s allowance vary for a different airline. The team of Labbaik Hajj Umrah can help you in this regard by giving you the correct information about the baggage allowance.

6. Can I book flights for other if I myself am not travelling?

customer can book ticket for others, this requires the direct contact with the customer after his confirmation ticket is booked.

7. How early do I need to book a flight before traveling?

customer can make booking up to as much as 11 months advance.

8. What about refund enquiries?

Refund depends on upon the terms and policies of the supplier. It may take 10-40 days in minimum. The consolidator and travel supplier has the right to review the case before refund.

9. What is the difference between a direct flight and a non-stop flight?

Direct flight may stop on the airport to refuelling but it allows passengers to get off the plane. The nonstop flight does not stop even for refuelling.

10. What is the difference between scheduled and chartered flights?

Airline companies handle scheduled flights, the flight may go more than one time in a week to other destination. They have good comfort standards for customers. Whereas chartered flights are cheap, they are being operated by the holiday package provider. They are not up to the standard of scheduled.

11. Are last minute reservations appreciated?

Early Umrah Package booking gives you much benefit than last time booking. The cost of the ticket depends on upon the availability of tickets. The higher the availability is lower the cost of the ticket is. Labbaik Hajj Umrah requests you to book ticket early so that you get good price.

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