Fingerprints are required for visitors from the UK for Umrah visas

Fingerprints are required for visitors from the UK for Umrah visas

Who doesn’t want to do Umrah? All of you know that Umrah is a significant act of Islam. The number of Umrah pilgrims is increasing throughout the year. Every year, several Muslims from the UK Depart for Saudi Arabia to join this holy journey. However, the Kingdom is changing policies of pilgrimages day by day. Ministry has announced that “Fingerprints are required for visitors from the UK for Umrah visas”. 

In this era, booking Umrah packages from a reputable travel agency has become a make sure to complete your Umrah successfully. These reservations include sufficient facilities, including visa issuance. Without visas, Saudi will not permit you to enter the magnificent Kingdom. Every single country has restrictions for granting visas to tourists. Let us understand what Saudi Arabia is expecting from UK visitors for visa allocation. 

UK Umrah pilgrims must submit their fingerprints for visas issuance 

The Saudi Ministry has not yet issued any restrictions to reduce the number of pilgrims in terms of Umrah 2024 like 2023. Whatever the Saudi Ministry decides, it provides a comfort zone for the coming Muslims to perform their religious duty. 

After stating the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, pilgrims must obtain an electronic Umrah visa and ought to submit their biometric details including fingerprints. Saudi Ministry has already issued a list of 5 countries, to whom the above restriction will apply. 

A list of 5 countries is:

  • UK
  • Tunisia
  • Kuwait 
  • Bangladesh 
  • Malaysia 

The ministry emphasized that this requirement aims to simplify the entry procedures for travellers for Umrah. Furthermore, upon their arrival, it improves the pilgrims’ online experience.

How will you confirm the fingerprints? 

For those who wish to register their fingerprints for the Umrah Visa, a “Saudi Visa Bio” application will be compulsory. Interested individuals must download the app and provide their fingerprints and picture biometrics for visa registration for pilgrimage. 

This app was made last year to fulfil the commitment to enabling biometrics enrolment through mobile devices. So that, pilgrims can avoid physically visiting visa centres in Mecca. Furthermore, it makes the state among the first in the world to accept mobile biometrics for the issuance of visas.

The process of verifying fingerprints:

Here is the short instruction set to verify the biometric and fingerprint verification:

  • Firstly, download the required application
  • Then select the visa category
  • After that, scan the passport for the remaining process
  • Then the applicant must use the front camera to capture a full face picture
  • Match the captured shot with the passport picture to confirm the identity
  • Finally, scan the 10 fingerprints electronically

Umrah e-visa requirements

The basic requirements for applying for an Umrah e-visa are:

  • Recent passport photograph 
  • Valid passport with at least 6-8 months 
  • An email address
  • A payment method for visa fee 

Umrah e-visa rules for UK  

  1. A woman must reach the age of puberty before obtaining a visa.
  2. Under 18 will not be able to grant an Umrah visa until with adult family members. 
  3. If one is not a British citizen, one must have to show Britain residency allowance. 
  4. Applicant must have a valid British passport to apply for an e-visa.
  5. Pilgrims must verify their fingerprints in an online application. 
  6. There is no longer a PCR test requirement.

Can Umrah be performed other than Umrah visa?

Yes, you can perform a minor pilgrimage on a tourist visa. In comparison to an Umrah visa, it also has several benefits. For instance, it is issued with multiple entries and allows you to stay longer. However, Umrah visas are easier to get than tourist visas, and applying through a registered travel agency increases your chances of success. With a tourist visa, you can only perform Umrah, not Hajj.

The Saudi government has opened the doors of the kingdom for Umrah on all types of visa holders. 

You have to scan your fingerprints for visa processing completion. If you can’t do that, the chances of your e-visa issuance will not be successful. Remember, this restriction is just for 5 countries, including the UK. Book your Umrah package from an ATOL-protected Company, It will instruct you about this update. Make sure to fulfil the visa requirements for a successful journey.