How to wear Ihram for Hajj and Umrah?

How to wear Ihram for Hajj and Umrah

Hajj and Umrah are Islamic pilgrims that are observed by Muslims from all over the world. Hajj is performed one time in a year whereas Umrah can be done anytime. Hajj and Umrah both are Islamic pilgrims, but both have different level of importance and different method. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is compulsory once in a lifetime for those Muslims who are financially and physically capable. Whereas Umrah is not compulsory but as a Muslim Riot it is performed by Muslims globally. Ihram is the basic need for Hajj and Umrah. So, every Muslim must know about Ihram. In this blog, you can read every aspect of Ihram.


In order to fulfil both the rituals, Muslims have to wear Ihram. Basically, Ihram provides a person with spiritual purity, that one should wear before Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage. Many people are usually confused that how they should wear Ihram, being not a regular dress. So this guide is for people who are planning to go for Umrah and Hajj want to learn how to put on and fasten Ihram.

Follow these steps before wearing Ihram:

1) Prepare yourself Mentally to Wear Ihram:

Most of the people wear Ihram when they are making hajj. One can wear Hajj Ihram when they are close to Mecca however different sects have different rules so it’s better that one should talk to his imam before making Hajj and Umrah and prepare himself mentally. The people who are living in Saudi Arabia are informed to wear Ihram in the suitable area in the buses or vehicles they are travelling in.

steps to wear ihram

2) Make Sure you Have these Four Things:

  • Tough every sect and genders observe different teachings when it comes to putting on Ihram however some things are common. One should keep two while clothes, belt, and sandals.
  • Males keep two white clothes with them and they shouldn’t be stitched. The size of the cloth depends on one’s size and dimension.
  • The cloth should be wide enough to cover the area from the top of the navel to tops of your feet.
  • The cloth should belong so that it can easily wrap around your body completely and the body shouldn’t be visible from the cloth. However, it should be highlighted here that as you cannot wear underwear with Ihram so you
  • Ihram should not be transparent.
  • Women can wear Ihram- same two clothes with the compulsion that they should be stitched. Women cloth should be enough wide so that it can cover armpits to the end of the feed and should belong to cover the whole body and should also not be transparent.
  • In order to easily manage Ihram, men should make sure to have a belt or clip as swing or pining Ihram is not allowed.
  • The only shoes that are permitted to be worn with Ihram are Sandals so one should only take Sandals along tough they can be flip-flops when your feet are visible from the top.
  • Some sects believe that women should wear socks along with sandals as a matter of observing Hijab and Parda.
  • One should also have a bad in which all the basic necessities are kept but it should also not be pinned with the ihram.

3) Make List of Prohibited activities during Ihram:

During Ihram, some activities are strictly not allowed however in the regular condition they are allowed. These are the restrictions that one should observe while wearing Ihram:

  • Removal of hair and nails are not allowed during ihram.
  • One cannot have sexual relations during Ihram
  • One cannot apply any fragrance or any product that has fragrance in the state of Ihram
  • Killing Is prohibited be it hunting or fishing while observing Ihram.

4) Remove unwanted Hair before Wearing Ihram:

One should cut hair and trim beard or remove other unwanted hair from the body before wearing ihram. Once you wear Ihram, you are not allowed to cut or remove hair.

5) Clean Yourself by taking a Bath:

One should take a shower before wearing Ihram as it is the cleanliness is the first step towards purification. However, while taking a bath, one should not apply soap or shampoo that carry fragrance. Due to any problem if you are not able to take a shower, perform wudhu. While doing wudhu show your good intentions to Allah by saying “I am performing wudhu for the pleasure of Allah, and to seek closeness to Him”. After that perform wudhu in an order it is usually observed.

6) Women should cover their head:

Women should cover their head as a matter of maintaining Hijab.

7) Apologize for Your Sins:

Another way to purify one’s soul is to repent for your sins. One should not announce his/her sins to everyone instead ask  Allah for forgiveness.

8) Nafal Salah:

Offer Nafal for Ihram by covering your heads.


9) Recite the Talbiyah before putting on Ihram:

When you have finally worn Ihram, whether going on Umrah or Hajj you need to recite Talbiyah prayers three times by heart. One can read Talibiyah in any language they want. Men should recite Talbiyah loudly whereas women should say it in low voice.

” Labbayk, Allahumma Labbayk. Labbayk.La shareeka laka. Labbayk. Innal-hamda wan-n’imata laka wal-mulk. La shareeka lak.”

Here is the English translation of Talbiyah:

“Here we come, O Allah, here we come! Here we come. No partner have You. Here we come! Praise indeed, and blessings, are Yours–the Kingdom too! No partner have You!”

• Here is the English translation for Talibiyah for Umrah:

“O, Allah! I intend to perform Umrah. Please make it easy for me and accept it from me. Amen.”

Note: If a person who is performing Hajj or Umrah is going to Jeddah by aeroplane, it is better to wear Ihram in the plane. One can do everything at home and do the rest I.e. Niyaah (intention) and talbiyah in the plane. One can take shower, offer two nafal however the two main things are remaining that are niyaha and talibyah which should be done before Miqat.

For ease, one should wear ihram and in Hajj flight the pilot will announce that it is borderline so make your niyaah and talibyah. Those people who wouldn’t be wearing Ihram would change their clothes at that time.

Go to the aeroplane and sit down with the white sheets on. In a Hajj flight when you are close to Miqat, the pilot will announce that this is the borderline to make your intention and to say Talbiyah. Those who did not change their clothes before should do so now although it is not convenient inside the plane.

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