Saudi Arabia’s new rule: No permit for repeat Umrah in Ramadan

No permit for repeat Umrah in Ramadan

No Permit for Repeat Umrah in Ramadan 2024:

This Ramadan 2024 comes with a surprising announcement from the Saudi Ministry. Muslims will not perform more than one Umrah. The reason behind this decision is to better control the mob of Umrah pilgrims during this blessed month. Millions of Muslims travel to Mecca during Ramadan to complete their religious duties. This thing makes this month a peak season for Umrah. During this time, the sacred sites in Mecca and Medina are crowded.

According to the recent announcement “No permit for repeat Umrah in Ramadan”, pilgrims can perform their less pilgrimage only once during Ramadan. This initiative is essential to manage the crowds at Masjid al-Haram, the sacred site in Islam.

Moreover, the Ministry’s initiative will give all pilgrims an equal chance to complete their religious duties during Ramadan by reducing congestion and avoiding overcrowding. The Saudi authorities have implemented this policy with the help of the Nusuk App, a Saudi government online portal for the pilgrimage rituals. When a person applies for a permit for a second Umrah, the Nusuk app will display an error message. According to the Saudi Gazette, the error message will appear: “Issuance of the permit failed.” This message will ensure that performing the minor pilgrimage more than one time is not allowed during Ramadan. This message also enables more travellers to complete their religious obligations effectively.

The Saudi authorities emphasize the necessity of getting a permit from the Nusuk application to perform Umrah. However, the Saudi Ministry has highlighted the importance of pilgrims’ compliance with the allotted time to accomplish the rituals. Remember, there is no option on the Nusuk app to modify the Umrah date and time. Pilgrims wishing to make changes must delete their application through the app before entering the permitted time. According to the Ministry, travellers can submit a new application based on availability. According to the Saudi Gazette, the Ministry clarifies that the appointments are updated occasionally. Pilgrims must remember that if they do not find a date to book, they can search for another date later.

Millions of Muslims from within and outside the Saudi Kingdom visit Masjid al-Haram to accomplish Umrah and offer prayers during Ramadan because of its tremendous spirituality. According to Islamic belief, the reward for every good deed during fasting is higher than other months. So, a large number of travellers visit the Grand Mosque of Mecca to carry out several good deeds. This makes a vast crowd at Masjid al-Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi during Ramadan.

The Saudi government has enforced many measures to tackle this challenging situation. The Saudi authorities have designated specific locations within the Grand Mosque, including the circumambulation courtyard (Mataf) around the Kaaba and the ground floor, for Umrah travellers. Moreover, the authorities have allocated various gates of the 2 Holy Mosques for the entry and exit of the pilgrims to manage the crowd effectively.

The Saudi government has recently introduced many relaxations for foreign Muslims to perform Umrah with ease. According to the Saudi Ministry, Muslims from the UK hold different types of entry visas, such as tourism, medical, business, EVW, etc., to travel to Mecca to complete their religious obligations. This new opportunity “EVW” enables travellers to stay with the same entry in Saudi Arabia for 180 days without any hassle.

Hopefully, this “No permit for repeat Umrah in Ramadan” announcement about Ramadan 2024 will be validated for this period.

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