What should I pack for Hajj?

What should I pack for Hajj

Are you going on hajj for the first time and don’t know how to pack light and right? Packing is something that we can’t neglect at all, especially in hajj. If you don’t have done it in the right way, there are high chances you will not amass the spirituality of pilgrimage.

Because advanced planning is the key to unlocking any travel destination lock. A combination of packing and preparation is that key. Packing here means focusing on the essential things on your Hajj journey, which will be made your entire trip ease and safer. And preparation means focusing on preparing oneself for worship.

Just wait a minute. If you do not know the correct method of Hajj, read “What is Hajj and its method” to complete your annual pilgrimage.

As we know, 5 aspects of Islam are faith (Allah is one and Muhammad is the last prophet), five daily prayers, fasting in Ramadan, zakat (charity) and Hajj. Leaving any aspect of Islam can lead us to hell. Nobody will like it for oneself. Therefore, try to perform your last aspect of Islam only with the necessary packaging. So that your limited and precious time is not wasted in buying anything there. Bookmark this page because it will help greatly in your packing.

Here I have categorized your packing list to make it easier.

Hajj Packing List- Documents & ID

Hajj Packing list- Documents & ID
  1. Passport (having 2 extra copies is a plus)
  2. Visa (having 2 extra copies is a plus)
  3. National ID card
  4. Relationship certificate (especially for a lady travelling with her mahram)
  5. Vaccination slips (NHS COVID Pass )
  6. Shahada Certificate (conversion certificate of Muslim reverts)
  7. Airline tickets
  8. Hotel booking vouchers
  9. Bank slips of hajj payment
  10. Travel vouchers
  11. Insurance certificate (if you have one)
  12. Passport size snaps
  13. ATM/credit card or Saudi riyals (in case of emergency it is better to have cash than running for an ATM)
  14. Hotel addresses and phone numbers (phone numbers of family members, travel agent, hotel reception, and your group members)
  15. Islamic guides on hajj
  16. Islamic will (you can write it through any online website)


  1. Collapsible water bottle
  2. Granola bars (quick source of energy and protein during your travel)
  3. Electrolyte tablets (consult your doctor for dose confirmation)
  4. Nuts


  1. Ihram (For Men, women remain in abaya)
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste or simply miswak
  3. Rubbers
  4. Pair of socks (as much you need)
  5. Waist bag/ pouch
  6. Hijab under caps
  7. Pads
  8. Comfortable clothes
  9. Light undergarments

Personal Hygiene

  1. Odour-free soap
  2. Odour-free deodorant
  3. Odour-free Vaseline
  4. Odour-free oil or lotion
  5. Odour-free hand sanitiser
  6. Odour-free wipes
  7. Disinfectant spray
  8. Odour-free detergent (You can wash your ihram during hajj & Umrah)
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Toilet paper (if you are used to them)


  1. Portable smartphone charger
  2. Mobile Phone
  3. Universal power adapter
  4. Multi-outlet extension cord
  5. Personal Wi-Fi hotspot or Sim card
  6. Camera charger ( if you have a camera)
  7. Voltage converter (if you have any dual voltage device)

Hajj Packing Items-Other Essentials

Hajj Packing items
  1. Rehydration salts (that suits you the best)
  2. Pocket Quran
  3. Dua book (you can also download apps)
  4. Hand towels/cooling towels
  5. Umbrella
  6. Eyeshade cover
  7. Earplugs
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Travel pillows (it depends on your needs)
  10. Duffle bag (choose according to your shopping list)
  11. Suitcase (try to fit your luggage in just one)
  12. Electric fan necklace (although not necessary)
  13. Alarm clock
  14. First Aid Kit (extract the things that you don’t need and keep your daily medicines in it)

Make sure everything is ok at least one week before your aeroplane takes off. Don’t waste your time even buying toothpaste in Saudi Arabia. Because time is already limited there. A better option is to make a checklist about all necessary things that are must include your Hajj packing. You don’t be upset about how much clothing you should take. 2 to 3 ihrams must be packed in your backpack.

The reminisce of your travel will not be because of your budget but because of your travel arrangements. Picking up your travel luggage is much more critical than you think. The more you will travel, the more you will explore. Hope my guide will help you in making travel arrangements towards the safest place on earth.

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