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20 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package 2019 - 5-6 People Sharing Early Bird Price

20 Days

14 Nights

6 Nights

From: £4195/PP

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20 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package 2019 - 5-6 People Sharing Early Bird Price

Inclusions :

==>> Madina First <<==

==>> Hajj Visa

==>> Return ticket

==>> Hajj draft

==>> A/C transport

==>> A/C accommodation

==>> Ziarat in Madina, (no ziarat in Makkah)

==>> Qurbani is Included in this Package

==>> Food in MINNA & ARAFAAT by Ministry of Hajj


1. 01st Zilhajj. Arrival in Madina > > Staying in Madina till 05th Zilhajj. (06th Aug)

2. 05th Zilhajj. On arriaval in Makkah perform Umrah > > > > staying in Makkah till 07th Zilhajj (08Aug)

3. 07th Zilhajj, After Esha to Minaa in tents by bus (provided by Ministry of Hajj).

4. 08th Zilhajj, Staying in a/c tents in Mina provided by Ministry of Hajj. (Not by us)

5. 09th Zilhajj, After Fajar on arrival of buses (provided by Ministry of Hajj) proceed to ARAFAAT.

6. 09th Zilhajj, Staying all day long in ARAFAAT till Sun set.

7. 09th Zilhajj, After Sun set > on arrival of buses proceed to Mazdalifa staying all night in open space.

8. 10th Zilhajj, After fajar walk to tent in Mina & walk to Ramee (throwing stone to Shaitan).

09. After throwing stones to Shaitan back to Tents in Mina.

10. 11th Zilhajj After Fajar to Makkah for Tawaf Ziarat, after tawaf Ziarat walk to Ramee and back to Tents in Mina.

11. 12th Zilhajj by walk throwing stone to Shaitan and back to Hotel in Makkah.

12. 13th Zilhajj Tawaf e Al Wida & staying in hotel.

13. Staying in Makkah till the date of DEPARTURE > > 19th Aug. Return to UK.


==>> There isn't any kind of or any means of transport to go to do Ramee. (only by walking).

==>> In Tents in Minaa its always short spaces it takes 2/3 hours to arrange space SO PLEASE BE PATIENT

Accomodation Features

Hdeel Al Sfwa

Located in Mecca, Hdeel Al Sfwa Hotel features

==>> Simply furnished and standard form of accommodations

==>> About 8 to 10 minutes walk from Haram.

Jawaharat Aboudi

Jawaharat Aboudi Madinah is just 400m away from Holy Haram, Masjid e Haram and located in the old airport road-factory district. The hotel has two elevators for senior citizens. This is a standard form of accommodation in Madinah. There are two nearest hotels are Kasr Alimtiaz Hotel and Dyar Algharaa Hotel.

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