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Masjid Al Aqsa Group Package 2019

8 Days

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Masjid Al Aqsa Group Package 2019

Inclusions :

This package also includes tour around Jordan - Jerusalem

Visit Majid Al Aqsa
Visit Museum
Visit chambers of Meryam A.S.
Visit Chambers of Esa A.S.
Visit Graves of Sahaba R.A.
Visit place of burak
Visit the dome of the rock where burak left to the heavens
Visit mount olives
Visit Jerico the oldest city of the world
Visit Hebrom
Visit Ibrahim resting place and mosque
Visit Nabi Musa A.s resting place
Visit sahab al Khaf the sleepers
Visit palastine
Visit dead sea
and much more!!!!

Day to Day Details

First Day: On arrival we will go straight to the hotel from the airport take some rest, dinner will be Inclusive. Maghrib and Isha prayer will be at AL-Aqsa Masjid (depending on the Namaz time)

Second day: We will pray Juma prayer at Masjid Al Aqsa and visit the Dome of the Rock as well as Masjid Marwan Ali, and Masjid burak and stay most of the time around Masjid Aqsa side, I would like to mention that the surrounding area of Masjid Al-Aqsa is approx 350 acres so we will be needing the whole day to visit various holy places. Very Interesting places such as: the departure of Burak to the heavens and much more.

Third Day: We will leave the hotel after breakfast ) cross allenby bridge to Jordan Amman visit Nabi Shuaib (AS) resting place and Al Kahf the men who slept around 300 years spend the night at hotel in Amman. Please note every person at amman and in Jerusalem will pay for their visa entry fees, these fees are not included and should be paid by the individual himself at the airport to the authorities.

Forth Day: We will return back to Jerusalem after leaving the hotel in Amman visit Mount Olive ,Sayyidina Salman Farsi Mosque, birthplace of prophet Esha (AS) (churches) and the place where Prophet Esha cured people.

Fifth Day : We will visit Prophet Ibrahim Khalilullah his resting place, baitul Laham and tour of the Jerusalem City which will include the dead sea (lowest place on earth) Jericho the oldest city in the world. Resting places (Graves) of Prophet Yousuf (AS) Prophet Musa, Prophet Esha (AS) , Prophet Idris (AS) and the resting place of Sara (AS) and few other places.

Sixth Day: Visit the place of Nabi Musa AS.

Accomodation Features

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