How To Perform Umrah In 2020 With A Pandemic Situation?

How to perform Umrah in 2020

With the starting of the 2020 year, a pandemic disease engulfed the whole world, and this disease is to be caused by thousands of deaths. To stop the ratio of deaths in Saudi Arabia and the world, the Government of Saudia banned the Umrah temporary without issuing reopening date.

But after 7 months, this Government decided to resume the Umrah in steps wise and Millions of Muslims can’t want to miss the chance of performing Umrah 2021. They are eagerly awaiting this lucky moment as the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that Umrah will be opened internationally from November 1.

But just wait a minute here, because they don’t open it properly because only 25,000 foreign visitors will be allowed to perform their religious duties and some restrictions are working a barrier between Umrah and Muslims.

Our purpose is to guide you on “How to perform Umrah in 2020 with a pandemic situation” with all safety precautions because we may face this pandemic second wave in this year or next year.

Let’s read all the new rules and regulations that have come from the Saudi Ministry.

How to perform Umrah 2020 with a pandemic situation
  • Age Restriction
  • PCR Test
  • Quarantine Time
  • Can’t perform Umrah alone
  • Don’t change Umrah Plan
  • Eatmarna app

Age Restriction:

At present only 18 to 50-year-old pilgrims can perform Umrah with the help of a registered agent, so make sure that your agent is correct before booking your Umrah package.

If you are performing Umrah first time then you should have complete knowledge about “How to perform Umrah” physically.

PCR Test:

It is necessary to get a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test certificate and an additional step of Umrah which was not mandatory in the previous days. And the PCR test must be issued at most 72 hours before landing on Saudi soil which price range is about to 120 £ to £ 150.

Quarantine Time:

Passing 3 days in your hotel as quarantine, this is a protecting step for pilgrims. Many medical/pharmaceutical companies are trying to invent the cure of Coronavirus but there is not invent a proper and accurate vaccine yet.   

Note: Your travel plan will already be in line with the new policies, so you will go directly to quarantine (Hotel) and then to Makkah and Madinah.

Can’t perform Alone Umrah:

Solo or DIY Umrah is not possible at this time, there is only one way to perform it is group wise. And group size will consist of minimum 45 – 50 individuals.

Don’t Change Umrah Plan:

No changes or cancellations are acceptable there, so make sure everything is right at the time of booking the Umrah package. Because 24 hours before going on a spiritual journey, the agent will need to enter all your details in the app.

Eatmarna app:

When you visit these Holy mosques, reserve your places of worship in the Masjid al-Haram and Al-Nabawi on the Eatmarna app through yourself. Technology has completely changed our world, today our lifestyle have relied on technology where one wrong press button can remove all your stored items in a few seconds. Don’t take it for granted, be careful when you make a decision.

These are all new rules with all the old rules where a woman needs a Mahram if she is under 45 years of age. No victims of the Coronavirus were found during the Hajj 2020, so the ministry plans to resumed Umrah this year. On November 1, about 10,000 foreign pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia for Umrah.

President of British Boris Johnson has announced that England will go into lockdown November 5 until December 2. But inhabitants of the UK are expecting date of lockdown maybe exceed to December 2.

Always believe in Him, who created you and your universe therefore if He has the ability to produce then He also able to resolve all issues and that is our Allah.  May Allah helps us to perform our Umrah soon. Ameen

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You would love to read our Frequently Asked Questions about Hajj & Umrah packages. It will help you know more about your Holy trip.

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