Saudi Arabia Allows 1 Million Pilgrims for Hajj 2022

Saudi Arabia allows 1 million pilgrims for Hajj 2022

At the start of the day on April 4, 2022, the official Saudi news agency confirmed the news that “Saudi Arabia allows 1 million pilgrims for Hajj 2022“. An increase in the number of pilgrims after following the health recommendations is acceptable. This number will consist of 1 million domestic and foreign pilgrims from all over the world.

Remember the number of pilgrims in the last two years compared to the current year 2022. According to Arab News, 58,745 Muslims participated in the Hajj 2021. But if we look back before the COVID 19 attack, this number of pilgrims would have reached 2 million or more.

Can anyone perform Hajj 2022?

No, not everyone can perform Hajj in 2022. The ministry says only Muslims who are 65 years of age or less and have been fully vaccinated can perform the Hajj this year.

People over the age of 65 cannot choose the dates of July 712 for Hajj as they are ineligible for this activity. Children can go with their families but it is important to show their health condition. Now women who do not have a mahram will be able to make this obligatory journey alone. But for such a woman, the trip would be planned with an organized group.

Note: No one will be able to perform Hajj 2022 based on a visit visa or any other visa except obtaining a Hajj visa.

What are the Health Recommendations?

Saudi Government doesn’t want to host a “Welcome Carnival” for the coronavirus. Kingdom has indeed lifted extra precautions about health for Umrah in Ramadan but it is not for Hajj.

This time, only those who have been fully vaccinated with the recommended COVID vaccine will join the Hajj pilgrimage. And all foreigners must take a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure. If you are well in terms of health and wealth, then this holy journey will be obligatory for you. Because this is the fifth pillar of Islam for us.

It may be difficult for Saudi Arabia to manage 1 million figures in and around Mecca.

As the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has already said in its tweet:
It is of supreme importance to the government of the Custodian of the 2 Holy Mosques to preserve the safety and security of Hajj pilgrims as well as visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.”


Possibly, this 1 million relay will be directed towards the Prophet’s Mosque after performing Hajj in and around Makkah. Therefore, to maintain all the security matters, arrangements will have to be made in Masjid-ul-Haram as well as in Masjid-e-Nabawi.

The state has enthusiastically ensured that the maximum number of Muslims around the world will perform Hajj and visit the Prophet’s Mosque in a safe and spiritual environment.

This is a great opportunity for those Muslims who have never had a chance to perform Hajj in their entire life.

A Hadith that is narrated by Abu Huraira:
The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, “Whoever performs Hajj for Allah’s pleasure and does not have sexual relations with his wife, and does not do evil or sins then he will return (after Hajj free from all sins) as if he were born anew.”
Volume 2, Book 26, Number 596- Al Bukhari
May Allah help us to perform Hajj 2022. Ameen


Visitors should follow and respect the Kingdom’s Islamic laws and regulations because we are good citizens, not violators.

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