Saudi Arabia has introduced a 4-day free transit visa

Saudi Arabia has introduced a 4-day free transit visa

Breaking NewsSaudi Arabia has introduced a 4-day free transit visa, this news has spread like wildfire in the world. With the cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Saudi Tourism Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Saudi Airlines, the opportunity of a 4-day free stay in KSA is being provided internationally. During this 96-hour stay, individuals are free to do whatever they want, such as performing Umrah, visiting historical sites, attending business meetings, participating in national events, visiting relatives, etc., but they cannot perform Hajj.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that if one wants to take advantage of the 4-day stopover opportunity, one has to choose Saudi Airlines (Saudia and Flynas). The process of applying for and issuing a Saudi transit visa is very simple. All this happens through digital platforms.

What can we do in KSA if we get a free 96-hour stopover permit?

The scope of this permit is much larger than that of a tourist visa. There is only one condition, it is necessary to travel on Saudia or Flynas if one has any other option then it is not for him.

Advantages of Transit Visa:

  • 96 hours/4 days stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Performing Umrah with performing daily prayers in Al-Haram and Al-Nabawi mosques.
  • Joining Janadriya Festival, Souq Okaz, Riyadh International Book Fair, Jeddah Summer Festival, Riyadh Motor Show, Haya Jeddah Festival etc.
  • Attending official business meetings in any city of KSA.

A visitor can do whatever he wants for 4 days with a free one-night hotel stay in KSA.

How can an individual apply for a transit visa through

  1. Some steps will completely explain all the procedures on how to apply for a transit visa on
  2. Visit the website.
  3. Select the flight details (departure and arrival dates). After selecting the flight, click on Confirm.
  4. After that, the applicant receives details about the route with the option of “Visit Saudi Arabia”. The applicant will have two more options—perform Umrah or go to Saudi Arabia. Note: Free night stay will be offered to applicants with a ticket from Saudia. Here another question will be asked about where and how many days you want to stay, the limit is only four days. Everything depends on the applicant and what he wants because KSA has six international airports.
  5. Along with all transit details, an up-to-date list of flights through which the applicant may consider stopping will be received.
  6. Now he has to fill in all his data in the section which includes the applicant’s name, passport details and contact number.
  7. After filling in all these details click on “Select Seats”.
  8. On the next page, he will get the option to apply for Transit e-Visa. Here it can be done by clicking on “Get e-Visa”.
  9. Select the checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service.
  10. Click “Proceed to Application“.
  11. Different sections will appear in front of it with the following details.
  • Marital status
  • Profession
  • Religion
  • Passport number, date of issue and expiry
  • National Identity Card
  • Birth of a Country and a City
  • Nationality
  • Country of Residence
  • Address
  • Medical information
  • Upload your passport-size photo.

After filling in all the details, proceed to payment.

Once he makes the payment, he will receive the visa and insurance documents via email.

After the visa is issued, you will also receive mail for a stopover visa within a short period.

How can an individual apply for a transit visa through

According to Flynas, applying for a transit visa is easy for anyone who can apply for a visa and purchase a ticket.

The process of availing of the 96-hour stopover opportunity starts once the individual has received the ticket details with the booking payment.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Manage” tab on the left side of the laptop screen. Enter PNR number and last name.
  3. After entering the above details, the applicant will have the option to add certain services along with booking details.
  4. Select “Apply for Stopover Visa“.
  5. Enter personal details, full name, nationality, and contact information as per passport details.
  6. Then click on “Submit”.

The applicant will receive his visa by mail.

The application process will be completed within 3 to 4 minutes on both Saudia and Flynas.

Introducing free transit visa for 4 days is another revolutionary step of Saudi Vision 2030. This short stopover will set a good example for international visitors that Saudi Arabia is one of the safest tourist destinations.

Now, British Muslims can take advantage of this golden opportunity to perform Umrah and visit all the modern and historical places of KSA that too for free.