New opportunity for Umrah from UK via Saudi electronic visa waiver

Saudi Electronic Visa Waiver for Umrah

Saudi Electronic Visa Waiver for Umrah 2024 from UK:

The Saudi Ministry has introduced a new opportunity for UK citizens to perform Umrah on 2 August 2024. This new opportunity is called EVW (electronic visa waiver), which allows Umrah to come to the Kingdom for business, study, medical treatment and tourism. Now, British passengers can stay with the same entry in Saudi Arabia for 6 months without any problem. The purpose of introducing this new scheme to smooth travel from the UK to the KSA is to provide many benefits to Umrah pilgrims from the UK, which include an easy application process, rapid process times and low costs.

What is the Saudi Electronic Visa waiver for the UK?

Saudi electronic visa waiver is an electronic document such as a Hajj and Umrah visa or e-visa for visiting. This new opportunity, “EVW“, frees every British citizen to apply for visas for six months for various purposes, such as tourism, business, education, medical treatment, and Umrah.

How to apply your Saudi Electronic Visa Waiver for Umrah?

All requirements are the same as regular visas for tourism, study, business, medical treatment and Umrah.

  • You should be a citizen of the UK, whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland.
  • Your British Passport should be valid for six months after you depart from the UK.
  • You must get a return ticket to reach Saudi Arabia and come to your Homeland.
  • Your bank statement shows enough funds for your expenses for six months.
  • Visit the MOFA website for Saudi Electronic Visa Waiver for Umrah.
  • You need a scanned copy of your recent photo with a white background

Remember these 2 points while considering EVW:

  1. The opportunity to submit an EVW application is open from 3 months to 48 hours from your departure from the UK.
  2. You can access the MOFA portal and may contact a travel agent who will apply for you.

Benefits of using Saudi Electronic Visa Waiver for Umrah 2024 from UK:

There are many benefits of using Saudi Electronic Visa Waiver for Umrah 2024 from UK:

  • Applying for EVW is much easier than traditional visas.
  • Each applicant can get his electronic visa waiver within 24 hours after applying.
  • EVW fees are lower than others: EVW costs only £45.
  • The EVW holder can do anything in Saudi Arabia for 180 days
  • There is no age restriction for British citizens for this type of visa.

If anyone intends to do any work and perform Hajj, he can’t apply for this new opportunity from the UK. He should apply for his work visa for work and use the Hajj visa to perform Hajj 2024 UK.

Additional information related to the purpose of introducing EVW to UK citizens:

The purpose of introducing a new term of electronic visas for UK citizens is to reduce the distance between the UK and Saudi Arabia. It offers the British to come to the Kingdom for tourism, business, study and medical treatment. The ministry’s action shows that the Kingdom will touch its goal of “100 million annual visitors“. This “new opportunity for Umrah from the UK through electronic visa waiver” is also part of the 2030 Saudi vision.

Saudi vision 2030 3 themes 1
New opportunity for Umrah from UK via Saudi electronic visa waiver 3

There are three main themes of Vision 2030:

  1. A vibrant Society
  2. A thriving Economy
  3. An Ambitious Nation

Introducing EVW can be a practical step for these three essential themes of Saudi Vision 2030.

According to the SPA (Saudi Press Agency), 93.5 million visited the Kingdom in 2022. Most of these visitors belonged to a group of tourists and Umrah.

One of you will perform Umrah from the UK in the coming days and needs help applying for his Saudi electronic visa waiver from the Homeland. We can help him plan his Umrah travel with EVW. Labbaik Hajj Umrah can apply your EVW application on the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) website.