Saudi authority launched Hajj Nusuk platform for UK pilgrims

Saudi authority launched Hajj Nusuk platform for UK pilgrims

BREAKING NEWSSaudi authority launched the Hajj Nusuk platform for UK pilgrims. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has introduced the Nusuk Hajj portal for more than 52 countries of the world to improve the Hajj experience for the current year 14442023. There are many misconceptions and questions about this newly introduced online platform. To get proper answers to all the considerations, stay here and thoroughly read the updates provided by Labbaik Hajj Umrah.

How many countries are included in Hajj 2023 through Nusuk Hajj?

At this time, only 58 countries will be able to use it. And it is hoped that the number of countries will increase in the coming years.

Nusuk Hajj Includes 58 Countries

11.Costa Rica31.Ireland51.Sweden
13.Cuba33.Jamaica53.Trinidad and Tobago
15.Czech35.Malta55.United Kingdom
18.Ecuador38.New Zealand58.Venezuela
19.El Salvador39.Nicaragua  

Has the Hajj 2023 registration been opened in early February 2023?

No, Hajj 2023 registration is not officially opened in February 2023. Now the launch aims to get prospective pilgrims from 58 countries to register their interest in Hajj 2023. An important tip is that completing the registration process here does not mean that you have obtained the Hajj permit. All details about payment and package will be available here later. But for now, you have to make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.

If one is not familiar with the correct procedure to perform Hajj as performed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his time, then simply get an Ultimate guide from here “How to perform Hajj“.

If someone uses; how to complete his registration task?

   The process is simple; he just needs to follow a few steps to register on

  1. Visit
  2. Register in the portal
  3. Browse service packages
  4. Book a package
  5. It is possible to use multiple payment channels to complete the reservation.
  6. Submit a request for a Hajj visa
  7. Print Hajj visa

Note: Keep the mind some significant points to register successfully.  

• Your passport photo size is 18kb and must be PNG or JPG200x 200 px.

• The background of a personal photo must be white. 

• Your passport digital copies size max 800 × 400 px (2 MB) in the format of PNG or JPG.

• You need your BRP– Biometric Residence Permit. 

• You can add your companions while registering.

If anyone is wondering what is involved in getting Nusuk Hajj services? The answer is everything that is required for Hajj.

Currently, no package details are shown on Nusuk Hajj Web, but the platform has announced to provide the following services for the coming Hajj 2023.

  • Flights
  • Accommodations (Mecca and Medina)
  • Transportations
  • Catering
  • Hajj Guide
  • Secured Payment Channels
  • 24-hour Supporting Channels
  • Validate essential Documents

Is there any health condition for Hajj 2023? 

Yes, there are some conditions for Hajj 2023, if one is travelling from the UK. Perhaps people have forgotten about PCR or quarantine which was necessary for previous years. But that’s not a big deal now, as UK passport holders must get the full Covid-19 and Meningitis ACWY vaccines. This health condition is mandatory for all travellers from the UK for the 2023 Hajj. But there are others that you can read through

Registering on is not a guarantee. That you have participated in any lottery in connection with Hajj booking. But, it is also not wrong to say first come, first find here. The launch of the “Nusuk Hajj” is aimed at fulfilling Vision 2030, and the Saudi authorities are confident that it will be the best way to provide the best facilities to the pilgrims during the Hajj.

Labbaik Hajj Umrah updates cover this news via official sources of the Ministry. If any of our readers have questions regarding Hajj and Umrah travel, feel free to ask us without wasting time. Our expert team is available for you 24 hours a day whether your query is related to Umrah packages or Hajj packages.