How to Book Your Umrah and Rawdah Permits on Nusuk App?

Umrah and Rawdah Permits on Nusuk App

Learn how to book your Umrah and Rawadah permits on Nusuk App:

Performing Umrah is not only a journey to Mecca, like going to any hill station and tourist spot. The achievement of the blessing of Allah (SWT) is the real purpose of Umrah. As a place abroad, passengers need accommodation and flight reservations with valid visas and permits. Saudi authorities have introduced a mobile application, “Nusuk App“, for the permission of Umrah and Rawadah to facilitate passengers.

Therefore, the Nusuk app provides a digital space for pilgrims to get their permits for the Hajj, Umrah, and Rawadah. Today, using this mobile application enables us to experience a stress-free journey.

Let’s see how to book your Umrah and Rawdah permits on the Nusuk App regardless of your departure country.

What are Umrah and Rawdah Permits?

A permit is an official document that grants permission to a particular person to do specific things or acts. You can say a permission or permitted document to a certain person.

Umrah Permit: An Umrah permit is the official electronic document issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to aspirants. This permit is legal permission through a digital platform (Nusuk application) to perform Umrah inside Masjid al-Haram.

Rawdah permit: Just like the Umrah permit, there is another permit called the Rawdah permit. This permit allows you to pray and visit the Rawdah Sharif inside the Prophet’s Mosque, also known as Masjid An-Nabwi. Rawdah Sharif is a place of peace and blessings through prayers. Pilgrims must ensure the Rawdah permit through the Nusuk App.

Booking Umrah and Rawdah Permits on Nusuk App

Booking your Umrah and Rawdah permits in Nusuk is quite a simple task. You only need a smartphone or digital device and internet to book your permits.

Note: Ensure not to use any PC or laptop computer, as the App is just available for only smart phones. And you can’t use the Nusuk official website for booking but for guidance.

Check out:

One your smartphone device:

  1. Open the App Store and install the “Nusuk” App.
  2. Launch the App and tap “Register” – create an account.
  3. It might offer you the interface to select the language you will use to explore the App.
  4. Select the account type before creating. It may get you by providing the account creating options like Saudi Arabian citizen or resident, Gulf cooperation, and International Visitor. As an International visitor, you must select the “visitor option.”
  5. To register, the App will ask you to enter your details, such as your passport number, visa number, email, etc. It may ask you for the OTP confirmation.
  6. Please carefully enter all the details and create a strong password for future use.
  7. Agree to the App’s terms and conditions and finish the process. If you already have an account, click the “login”button.
  8. Alright! You are now registered on the Nusuk App.

This is how you can book your Umrah and Rawdah permits on the Nusuk App:

Note: Before issuing the Umrah or Rawdah permit, please ensure a valid passport and visa for further registration.

  • Once you log in to the App, it’s time to book your Umrah or Rawdah permit.
  • On the latest version of Nusuk 2.0, you will see the three sections named: Home, Permits, and Services section.
  • On the home dashboard, icons will be named “Umrah book permit” alongside “Rawdah book permit.”
  • Click on the preferred option, which will take you to “Apply for Umrah” when you click on Umrah book permit. In case of booking a Rawdah permit, the App will redirect you to “Apply for Noble Rawdah.”
  • Here, you will see your login name from which you can issue your Umrah or Noble Rawdah permit. From here, you can add other companions or persons (maximum 9) from the add icon by giving authentic details.
  • Tick mark the name(s) and click continue; redirecting you to the “Make a booking” dashboard. Here, you will see the calendar (Gregorian/Hijri) having the coloured dots under the dates: green, yellow, and red.
  • Each coloured dot tells you the crowd level, as green means low crowd, yellow is for moderate, and red marks the dates with high crowds.
  • Select your desired date within your Umrah stay and choose the preferred time slot in “Morning or Evening”. For both Umrah and Rawdah permits, morning time will be from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM and afterwards, your slots will be counted in the evening.
  • You can book only one slot per day, and each slot may be divided into two to three parts so that a single slot will be valid only for 2 hours for Umrah. But in the case of Rawdah permit, the time slot is limited only to 30 to 45 minutes, so choose carefully.
  • Because of crowds, most time slots may be unavailable on some dates, so don’t panic. You can choose another date/day to book a permit.
  • Once you have chosen your time slot, click the “confirm” button to redirect you to the confirmation details screen.
  • Please review “your Umrah permit” or “your Noble Rawdah permit” details before submitting. Review your application summary quickly, including your name, permit date, permit time, and issuance details.
  • Check the button “I have read and accepted the Umrah instructions” or “I have read and accepted the Noble Rawdah instructions” and click on the “submit” button.
  • Now, you have successfully obtained your Umrah and Rawdah permits!

Carefully read the instructions and terms & conditions as they include:

  • Following the health and safety rules and protocols.
  • Arriving on the holy mosques in the given time slot or one hour before.
  • Bringing a copy of your permit with your identity, also keep it in the digital form.
  • Please do not harm or disturb the other Umrah pilgrims.
  • Paying attention to what the staff or workers at the Mosques say and do.

Once you have obtained your Umrah and Rawdah permits, the screen shows “permit issued”. You can cancel your permit whenever you want by just tapping on the option “cancel permit” – be careful when considering this option. On the ‘permits’ section, you will see the two options:

1) Current

2) History

Features of the Nusuk Mobile Application

Features of the Nusuk Mobile Application

Apart from booking permits on the Nusuk mobile application, there are many other features that Nusuk provides to Hajj and Umrah travellers.

  • You can check out the types of Hajj packages by exploring the top Hajj icon or option.
  • It provides features and services such as electric carts, a Qiblah compass, concerns, a help centre, and more.
  • It also gives you the ritual guides on performing Hajj and Umrah step by step – “your guide to perform Islam’s holiest journeys”.
  • Showing the daily Quran verses you can discover the things to do and places to see in the holy city of Makkah.
  • It will offer a digital guide with instructions in several languages, including Arabic and English.
  • You can manage your notifications and details on the top bar of the application’s home section.
  • One significant option is prayer’s timing, shown at the top. By default, it will follow the Makkah’s prayer timings, but you can also switch out the option to Madinah.

Essential Considerations when using Nusuk App for Umrah and Rawdah Permits

The primary purpose of launching the Nusuk App is to book the Umrah and Rawdah permits for pilgrims. You may already know this, but you must be aware of some considerations when using the Nusuk App, regardless of your purpose.

  • The permit issued is valid only for the specified date and time slot for Umrah, Tawaf, and Rawdah (pray at Rawdah Sharif). Pilgrims cannot use this for any other purpose.
  • The permit will be immediately cancelled if the information is inaccurate when checked by the authority.
  • Remember that the permit cannot be cancelled before the 4 hours starting of the time slot.
  • Every 30 days, you can book only one Noble Rawdah permit; the rule applies to both men and women.
  • You can only issue one Umrah permit at a time, but after completing the initial one, you can book other permits with dates and time slots. At a time, you can add your companions as well.
  • Internal pilgrims or Saudi Kingdom residents must also book the Umrah and Rawdah permits.
  • Children under 5 years (internal and outside the Kingdom) cannot book permits on the Nusuk App. They can enter mosques with an adult permit holder or guardian/parents.
  • In Ramadan 2024, pilgrims can only issue one Umrah permit to perform only one Umrah.
  • After completing all the requirements, download your permit or take screenshots.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection, double-check your information, and keep your Nusuk App updated.

We hope that this Nusuk App guide will be beneficial for you to book your Umrah and Rawdah permits. Although, in Makkah, Masjid al-Haram always has crowds, so keep your permit ready to show to the security persons. It is the same as ensuring your Riyadh Ul Jannah permit/appointment to pray inside Rawdah for more blessings from Allah (SWT).