What is Umrah Mubarak?

what is Umrah Mubarak

Umrah Mubarak meaning in Islam

Umrah Mubarak” is used to wish someone to go on Umrah. A combination of two words refers to wishing a blessed on your Umrah journey. Umrah Mubarak means just “Congratulations on your blessed Umrah”. But if we go in-depth to explore this phrase, we will know it’s a combination of two distinct words, “Umrah and Mubarak”.

Umrah: This is a less pilgrimage towards Mecca, where Muslims perform four important rituals and keep themselves away from some prohibitions before and duration. The Umrah journey aims to give Muslims a chance to refresh their faith and apologize.

To find out the purpose of Umrah in the details, try to read this topic. What is the purpose of Umrah?

Mubarak: This is an Arabic word that means blessing or congratulations. Using this word means expressing happiness and goodwill with someone.

Umrah Mubarak Wishes

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How do you wish Umrah Mubarak?

There are two main occasions when you wish someone who is going for Umrah or has performed it recently.

Among the several quotes to wish others, you should use words that show your friend or relative you care about.

Suppose you are one of those lucky guys who receive the best wishes, “Umrah Mubarak,” from relatives and friends. Islam’s religion teaches us what we say when someone delivers well wishes and prays. 

We respond to him with gratitude and reciprocal prays: JazakAllah Khari, BarakAllahu Feek, Allahumma Ameen, etc.

All replies belong to the Arabic language, which explanation is below: 

  • JazakAllah: May Allah reward you with goodness
  • BarakAllahu Feek: May Allah bless you
  • Allahumma Ameen: O Allah, hear our prayer or O Allah, accept the supplication

Umrah Gifts

Umrah Mubarak Gift Ideas

Gifts play an essential role in someone’s congratulation at a particular moment. When we consider the “Umrah Mubarak Gift Ideas” for our loved ones who have started the Umrah journey or have been planning, our gifts should be related to Islamic traditions.

Let which good Umrah gifts can be given to others whether you are a receiver or giver:

  1. Islamic Books
  2. Prayer Mats
  3. Islamic Wall Art or Décor
  4. Personalized Gifts
  5. Fragrances
  6. Travel Essentials
  7. Digital Gifts
  8. Charitable Donations

Here, we have 8 Umrah Mubarak Gifts to wish someone.

Islamic Books:

  • Holy Quran (best take a translated copy which belongs to your native language)
  • Books on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) – to know how he teaches us to live his life
  • Islamic literature that explains the other efforts for spreading Islamic preach

Prayer Items:

  • Prayer Mat/rug
  • Miswak
  • Prayer beads

Islamic Wall Art or Decor:

  • Calligraphy art relates to Quranic verses or Hadiths
  • Wall hanging Frame with Islamic teaches

Personalized Gifts:

  • Luxury prayer beads with gemstones
  • Zamzam water bottle
  • Dates
  • Jewellery with Islamic symbols


  • Attar or scented oils, a most famous fragrance that is made with Oudh
  • Scented candle with Mecca or Medina fragrance
  • Bukhoor burner with quality incense

Travel Essentials:

  • Compact travel prayer mat
  • Pocket-size Quran and Hadith books

Digital Gifts:

  • E-books to teach Umrah methods and Islamic prays – to make your Umrah memorable.
  • Refer to mobile apps or the web to find solutions to upcoming issues during the Umrah trip.

Charitable Donations:

Being a part of charitable donations and sponsoring a meal for Umrah pilgrims while staying in Mecca and Medina also come in Umrah Mubarak Gifts.

Umrah is a trip, so a travel gift for your sacred journey is like a Hallmark whether you present or receive it.