Is Umrah Visa Stamped On Passport?

Umrah visa

We are all at home about the basics of visas. But when it comes to e-visa for Umrah, most of us get confused regarding e-visa. Many pilgrims who are willing to perform Umrah in 2020 get stuck in the rumors waving in the Umrah industry. But Labbaik Hajj Umrah is here to help you with sincere acknowledgment and up to date information.

Saudi Arabia has announced to issue 10 million e-visas in 2020. The target number of Umrah pilgrims set by Saudi officials in 2021 is 15 million. To increase country GDP, Saudi Arabia has also started to issue a visit visa. Depending on your nationality, you can get a visit visa online, either on arrival or by any travel agent. Officials have announced some rules for Umrah on visit visa.

Umrah E-Visa

Applying for Umrah e-visa is much easier and less time consuming as compared to the old procedures. Saudi Arabia has announced the list of 49 countries whose citizens will be eligible for Umrah e-visa. Fortunately, the United Kingdom is also listed. Now you can get e-visa for Umrah by yourself or contact Labbaik Hajj Umrah to do so.

Umrah e-visa is the first step toward Saudi 2030 vision. Saudi tourist visas will also help in encouraging tourists to come and explore Saudi Arabia. Visit visa introduced by Saudi govt. is multiple entry visas, and any tourist can stay maximum for ninety days in the country during his single entry. It means 180 days in the whole year.

How To Apply

Getting e-visa by using our services is much faster and safer. If you are using the Saudi govt. site, it is prone to crash and slow down due to massive traffic. If you made any mistake in an online e-visa application, it could result in a serious problem. So you are advised to contact ATOL protected, and IATA approved Travel Agency.

Obtaining Umrah e-visa is not a big hassle. You just need to email the scanned copies of your passport and wait for 24 hours until your visa will be active. Your Umrah e-visa is valid for 15 days after issuance. You need to specify your travel dates for the e-visa application.

Selecting a suitable Umrah Package would be beneficial for you as you don’t need to take the headache of hotel booking and transportation and many other facilities you need during your Umrah.

On Arriving Immigration Portal

As the visa policy changed, Saudi Arabia has also changed the immigration process for Umrah pilgrims. Umrah e-visa will not be stamped on passport. Once you have arrived at an immigration officer, he will only check your visa and make a stamp on one page of the passport. He will not make any stamp on your e-visa.

You are still advised to check whether your passport has two adjacent vacant pages or not? If it doesn’t renew it. Your passport must be valid for six months at the time of arrival. You should also have (ACWY) Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine certificate for this journey.

You would love to read our Frequently Asked Questions about Hajj & Umrah packages. It will help you know more about your Holy trip.

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